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Disclaimer: The Singapore NRIC Generator below MUST NOT to be used for any illegal purposes. The author holds no responsibility in whatever the user of this Singapore NRIC Generator does with the generated NRICs.

Just a background story on why I needed this generator, I was working in an insurance company. So normally we will do a lot of tests simulating how people will apply, renew, terminate their insurance plans. To do this test we need to use “valid” NRIC for every individual test data, which ranges from Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident, and Foreigner. Thus, we need this sort of program to generate many NRICs.

This program is originally created by Sam Liew, but I modified it because his program is only generating one NRIC at a time.

Anyway, Flash player/browser plugin is required to run NRIC Generator. PS: If you’re using Android and can’t view the Flash application below, follow this guide.

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  1. I don’t see a need to generate so many NRIC numbers, and why give the option of A-Z for first letter?

    • Hi Sam,

      1. In the SIT and UAT, user may need to create a lot application to test, so a batch generator is a very handy tool.

      *P.S, actually yesterday I would rather to buy 200 generated NRIC as testing data.

      2. In some system applications and data are stored by years, so it is very useful for people to to generate testing data by T or S to test different year data.

  2. Hi Sam,

    Future prediction perhaps ? Considering Singapore is going to increase the number population from 4 Million to 6 Million 😀

    As for the multiple number of NRIC, I did it just for sake of having fun 😀

  3. How did you get SOOOO MANY NRIC’S ?!

  4. I guess its hack


  6. seaching for NRIC number for above name list