Create Telegram Bot


Before creating the bot, I need to create the group and invite all my colleagues to join.

Note the group id is highlighted in red

Note the group id is highlighted in red

After all my colleagues joined the group, it’s time to create the bot. For that we need to talk to the BotFather :D:D (click the below picture to start talking)


Once the BotFather’s chat window is open. Follow the following interactions:

  1. chrome_2016-04-07_11-44-26
  2. Reply with the name of the bot.
  3. Reply with the bot’s new user id chrome_2016-04-07_11-49-20

That’s all. Now we have our bot ready. Please record down your bot’s token (highlighted in red rectangle) because we will need it to access the HTTP API.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the way to make a telegram bot that sends alerts when our server application is down.