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My IT Department is using ManageEngine for application/server monitoring. It will send out emails whenever an application/server is down. But, it’s not enough because not everyone have the email sync-ed to their smartphone. So we need to explore new ways to send the notifications. SMS Gateway is definitely out of the equation (I proposed before, but kena shoot down).

Since we already have a WhatsApp group, sending the alerts to the group would be the best solution. But alas, WhatsApp doesn’t provide you API to do this.

Enter Telegram

I have used Telegram for quite sometime now. It was started when I was invited to my high school group. The group was moved from WhatsApp due to its limitation on how many members in a group.

As I read Telegram documentation, I found that Telegram allows you to create bot. The bot can be controlled through HTTP request. Convinced that the API is good enough to meet my needs. I decided to go ahead. Here’s how.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the way to make a telegram bot that sends alerts when our server application is down.